Imagine Nation Academy is a morning and after school enrichment program licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care of Massachusetts.  The Program strives to meet the child care needs of all working parents and seeks to reflect diversity and cultural differences.  All individuals are encouraged to apply.  The Program accepts children without regard to race, cultural heritage, national or ethnic origin, religion, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, or disabilities.  The Program offers a safe, supportive environment that fosters self-esteem and growth.  Staff provides a program that is flexible and stimulating and takes the account the individual and developmental needs of each child.  We teach and enforce the 5 R's... Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Relationship building through providing age appropriate activities that are the theme based, engaging and challenging.  The staff in each group will work to establish trusting relationships with the children in their care, so that children can feel safe to express feelings and experience new skills.

We have enjoyed great success mostly in part to you, our clients, in that our first facility Beaver Brook Elementary School is now joined by our second location at the Woodsdale Elementary School, which is also located in Abington.   Please inquire within if you have an interest or know of anyone who may be of interest in joining our programs there!

The teaching staff encourages children develop relationships with other children and will provide opportunities for uninterrupted play with peers.  Teachers will help children learn to recognize their own feelings and those of others, and to successfuully negotiate conflicts as they arise.

As children's cognitive abilities grow, we will provide opportunities to practice new skills.  Children will be encouraged to think creatively through the exploration of open-ended materials, opportunities for experimentation, and exposure to new experiences.  Encouragement of participation in new and different activities will be encouraged by staff members.  Our Program recognized the time constraints of families and the importance of stress free family  time.  Therefore we offer homework assistance to students competent staff members.  Students are supplied with the necessary materials to complete assignments.  Age appropriate activities that encourage creativity and problem solving skills are also available to students.

Our Program recognizes that nutrition plays a key role in the development of children.  We are committed to offering healthy snack options to support healthy mental, physical and emotional growth.  The Program seeks to work in partnership with each family, their values and cultural needs.  The staff has been chosen for their interest in working with parents as well as children.  We strive to offer support for issues facing working parents.  In addition to the expertise of the staff, the Program will draw on resources available in the community for additional support and information.



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currently located in the Beaver Brook Elementary School